030618Paul_Martin029Paul Thomas Martin

 A dynamic urban art photographer and artist that has traveled the world in order to capture some of the most incredible street photography. What inspires and thrills him the most is finding beauty where so many think it DOESN’T exist. His artistic images are captivating, intriguing and resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether capturing an object or a cool graffiti wall, his artwork is always interesting and engaging.

“Paul is talented and unique.. I love the work:” ~ Romero Britto

“Paul’s art transcends space and time. Original and unique, a once in a lifetime shot from his lens” – Lisa Sussman, Editor in Chief FLLFW Mag

“I love it!!!..Bruce LOVES IT!!!…The girls at the framing shop love it!!!..cannot wait to hang it in the house!!” – Bruce and Daunica Brock

Thank you for sharing my artistic vision. I am inspired by others looking at my work in a way that I had never even imagined. I look forward to those moment as well as connection with you and your brand to create art that feels original and real

-Paul Thomas Martin, Artist at Large


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